World Cat Show in Paris (France)

Do you remember Habakuk?

This young Thai male – in the rare color creme – was one of the most successful cats at the Supreme Cat Show of Deutsche Edelkatze in October 2009 in Berlin – we reported.
Recently Habakuk was back on tour – accompanied by two lady cats and three „servants“.

They went to Paris! The French AFEF Club had invited for a World Cat Show in Le Raincy, one of Paris´ suburbs.

Our three cats followed the invitation, too – with success:

Quan Yin dello Zaffiro (seal point) became a „World Champion“, Philomela AMPL (blue point) was elected „Best Opposite Sex“ and “Best in Show” on Saturday, and Magic Thai Goblins´ Habakuk was elected “Best in Variety” on Saturday and „Best of Best“ on Sunday.

Even the three „servants“ – Carola, Luisa and Monika – enjoyed a nice, interesting weekend,
crowned by a long sightseeing tour of Paris on Monday and shopping on Tuesday.


Cat Show in Monza (Italy)

Report of the Cattery Thai di Rama

Unfortunately, only few ITC breeders could take part in the Monza World Cat Show last weekend. The German breeders had no chance to reach their flight because the highway was blocked due to a heavy bus accident shortly after midnight on February 13. Of course, their disappointment was great. But they are happy they had a guardian angle … a few seconds earlier …


The ladies of the “Thai di Rama” cattery were happy, too. They enjoyed the excellent results of their cats:

SATURDAY, February 13, 2010

Litter , nomination
Ulianov (3/6), nomination and best opposite sex
Sekhel, nomination
Ginevra, nomination, best in show, 3rd best of best

Saphira, nomination, best in show, 2nd best of best
Vanja (6/10), nomination, best variety

Swami, nomination

SUNDAY, February 14, 2010:

Litter, nomination
Ulianov, nomination
Viktoria, nomination
Sekhel, nomination and he became World Champion
Ginevra, nomination, best in show, 4th best of best, special prix

Saphira has received her 1st CACM

Here are some photos of the show:


Cat Show in San Marino

Once more, ITC breeders met on the occasion of an International Show to present together their cats to the public and their breeding results to the judges. This time it was in the beautiful Republic of San Marino.
The show took place in the new-built Best Western Hotel where we had our accommodation as well. The rooms are great and the show was just perfectly organized.
More than 20 THAI´s could be admired. With the exception of two, all of them were “results” of the ITC breeding work, presenting themselves typey and evenly.
The jury was full of praise and the audiences enthusiastically. Nominations and show successes were the result.

The most successful THAI on both days was – Magic Thai Goblin´s Habakuk!

It was a particularly beautiful show – both for visitors and breeders …


Cat Show in Postoina (Italy)

We are back from a wonderful day in Pistoia with Francesca, Gianni and Matthias ... and with Oreste, that's our little puppy. He is still a nice guy .... and his new family is so wonderful !!
The young Orestes was nominated in the Junior class 6-10 months .. and fought with his father Mephisto for the title Best in Variety ..
The choice was really difficult for the judges.

Mephisto won the Best in Variety and was Best opp. Sex. (Best opposite sex).
Special thanks to Gianni and Francesca Mattia ... for the wonderful day!


Cat Show in Cornaredo (Italy)

Report of the Cattery  Thai di Rama


Ginevra: 3. CAPM! She was World Champion for the second time - 2002 as a potent cat and now as Premier. In addition, a special prize and the award for Best in Show.
Orfeo: nomination + BV
Swami: 3. GRCACE + BV
Vivien: nomination


Ginevra: nomination + BIS + 3. bei BOB
Luna: BV
Ulianov: nomination + BOS (versus Vivien….)
Orfeo: nomination
Swami: 1. CACM + nomination
Vivien: nomination + BIS 3-6


Results of the Cattery “Thai di Rama” in  FIAF-Championchip 2009 (NATIONAL)

Ginevra dello Zaffiro = 1st place neuter female
Sekhel dei Thai di Rama = 10th place adult male
Orfeo dei Thai di Rama = 4th place neuter male
Swami dei Thai di Rama = 3rd place adult female
Cattery “Thai di Rama” =5th place

Results of the Cattery “Thai di Rama” in  FIAF-Championchip 2009 AFL (REGIONAL)

Ginevra dello Zaffiro = 1st place neuter female
Swami dei Thai di Rama = 2nd place adult female
Cattery “Thai di Rama” = 3rd place


World Cat Show in Madrid (Spain)

Cats … Yes, cats fill our lives with joy and happiness and also fun !
The cat fanciers well know it!
But cats mean also friendship and nice holidays with cat fanciers!
Once again, the members of the ITC and their magic Goblin’s have met to take part in a World Cat Exibithion, this time in the nice Madrid!
So the members of our “Madrilenians group” were :
Carola, Uschi, Luisa, Christian, Ines and Annett from Germany and Anna, Elena, Silvia e Giuliano from Italy.
During our five-days city trip to Madrid, we have visited the “Palacio Real”, the “Gran Via”, Puerta del Sol, Prado Museum … (Here you can also drink a good coffee …) and most of the other major attractions of the capital of Spain.


Madrid is a unique city! City of art and painting, culture, sights, beautiful and very lively roads and of course a rich and excellent culinary proposal for gourmets.
The madrilenos: An interesting lifestyle
You can feel anywhere openness and warmth …
Very important are the sit down at the table in good company and the community in general. People cheer up all the day along streets and places.
Wonderful walks in the lively bustle in contact with a different culture …
In the evening the nightlife is pulsating in the streets and bars.
Throughout a wide selection of ”Tapas bars” and shops with hams hanging from the ceiling it is really a tasty thing it belongs to Spain’s hospitality …while enjoying a glass of beer or wine and a snack …
Madrid – is also a shopping paradise …. you really find everything from clothing, electronics, literature on sports accessories to household items, food, souvenirs.

So on the weekend our team has taken part to the World Cat Exhibition organized by the “Club Felino de Madrid”
We were very proud to exhibit a so wonderful “cat team”!

·Magic Thai Goblin’s Habakuk – male Cream
·Magic Thai Goblin’s Vic Vitus – male Seal
·Magic Thai Goblin’s Mephisto – male Seal
·Magic Thai Goblin’s Akiko – female Blue
·Magic Thai Goblin’s Lynetta – female Seal
·Magic Thai Goblin’s Yasuko – female Lilac
·Magic Thai Goblin’s Bang-Pa Ziyal – female Blue Tortie
·Philomena Amelia PL – female Blue

We have achieved this time, too, many successes:
We are very pleased, 5 of our 8 cats have become World champion in Madrid.
We were all very satisfied. Every day, our cats were on stage!
These successes are another indication of the “breeding quality ” of Thai Magic Goblin’s.
Our “Star” Habukuk has been in nonimation for Best in Show on both days. The heart of a breeder can be very proud!
Conclusion: The show is over, the curtain falls again …
Once again, it was a beautiful exhibition of our “Magic Thai Goblin’s.”


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