Cat Show in Utrecht (NL)

Magic Thia Goblin´s Maya = Best Thai Cat

Magic Thia Goblin´s Cellogs = Best in Varity chocolate point

Magic Thia Goblin´s Finja = Best in Varity lilac point

Magic Thia Goblin´s Edvina =Best in Varity seal point


World Cat Shows Riga – Rom


Sarina 2x nom. Best in Show

ROM saturday:

Best in Show nom.: Sarina, Magic Thai Goblin´s Edvina, Gaiya Yeux d´Outremer, Arjuna Magia Vostoka , Magic Thai Goblin´s Maya, Magic Thai Goblin´s Wallina-Willow, Magic Thai Goblin´s Thirza.

Magic Thai Goblin´s Wallina-Willow = Best in Show

Gaiya Yeux d´Outremer and Sarina = Special prize

ROM sunday:

Best in Show nom.: Thai Goblin´s Bruno, Thai Goblin´s Josephine, Thai Goblin´s Edvina, Arjuna Magia Vostoka, Thai Goblin´s Maya, Thai Goblin´s Wallina-Willow und Thai Goblin´s Thirza

Magic Thai Goblin´s Thirza und Magic Thai Goblin´s Maya = Best in Show

Magic Thai Goblin´s Maya best SIAM/OKH and BOB Place 4 

Viggo Thai di Rama in Ring 3th and 2th place.



Cat show in Nowgorod

Ra-De-Mare Magia Vostoka 2th place WCF-Ring

Аdel Neko Magia Vostoka = Best Opposite Sex Kitten.

2nd day:  Ra-De-Mare Magia Vostoka = Best Opposite Sex Junior

Аdel Neko Magia Vostoka 4th place WCF-Ring Junior and Best Kitten.

Gr.Int.Ch. Magic Thai Goblin’s Greta =1th place WCF-Ring Adults, Best Opposite Sex


Cat show in Bad Ischl (Austria)

Best Shorthair =  Magic Thai Goblin´s Maya  both days

Best litter:  Magic Thai Goblin´s F-litter

Best Kitten: Caesar Thai Attila


Cat show in Tallin (Estland)


Grand Prix Royal Canin in Moskau (Rußland)


International Thai Cats

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