Our twelfth ITC meeting took us to the beautiful city of Padua. Thai cat breeders and lovers from Italy, Germany and Austria came together at the Hotel Europe.

The first day was used by the early arrivals to explore on your own the city of Venice and the surrounding islands such as Murano and Burano.
After a small champagne breakfast we went by train towards the streets and canals of the Serenissima. By boat, the glassworks at Murano and Burano cloth shops were visited.

In the evening, after the warm official reception and the introduction of new members, the day ended with a nice dinner in the Pizzeria Al Carmine.

The next day we explored the beautiful old town of Padua on foot with our guide Mino. In the market we provided us with the culinary delights of the country. In the famous Café Pedrocchi we had a cup of coffee with mint foam and enjoyed the ambiance.

After a short snack break or shopping we went to Dolo, and we went back to Padua by boat on the river Brenta. We saw wonderful Venetian Villas. During our stopover in Strà we visited the Villa Pisani, one of the largest and most beautiful villas of the area.
After a somewhat rushed but interesting guided tour we left the harbor – almost missing one of the ITC members. On we went to Padua via three locks. Unfortunately we have not noticed the fact that we have been raised by eight feet, because just at the moment a beautiful Thai cat jumped along the shore and claimed our attention.
From this moment the leisurely ride for the passengers on the upper deck turned into a true adventure. Without a warning a far too low bridge was in front of us and only rapid bending down rescued our heads from a collision. Under the two subsequent bridges we even had to lay down on the floor to pass them without danger.

Safely arrived in Padua, we had our dinner at the restaurant Antica Trattoria Zaramella. Here we were surprised by our new member Giovanni. He is a confectioner and presented homemade Thai Cat biscuits and a dazzling ITC cake. At this point, thanks again!!!

The next day, our long-time chairman Carola Hopfe told the surprised audience that she is going to hand over the chairman function to Annett Huck.
Carola, thank you for many years of hard work that you have invested in our organization and in the Thai cats. Only thanks to your efforts the Thai became the type of cat we all love and breed today. Annett, you good luck to you and every success in this function.

Many thanks to Silvia – and those who helped her – for the organization of this meeting. And thanks to everyone who participated.




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