This year the annual meeting take place in “smiling” hills of Franciacorta, in a wonderful agriturismo arounded by vineyard, with much sought-after and delicate cooking. Italian group has been happy to offer this foreshortening of Italy to friend breeders coming from abroad.

Following, a selection of images to resume these intense but shining days (perhaps, as usual, too much few).

The weather was very good, we can visit interesting and particular places, but above all, the gathering was special. Different Countries, different languages, but all close by the pleasure to find together and by the love for our point friends with blue eyes!!
And, with us this year, new collaborators/breeders: Michaela and her daughter from Austria, Ruth, Ursula, Heike and her husband Wilfried from Germany.

A special thank to all, good breeding work and see you next year in Germany!




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