This year, our ITC meeting has been organized in Budapest, a brilliant frame to the 10th association’s birthday.

To fortify his “growth” ITC has been able to join together about 35 people, coming from various European breeding: Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Poland and, as a guest, Hungary.

A very beautiful city, both Buda, with “Cittadella” from which you can admire a wonderful landscape of the Danube and of the other part of the city, and Pest with Parliament, Opera House, Churches and principal bridges that join the 2 city zone through the river: Chains Bridge, Freedom Bridge and Elisabeth Bridge.

Very interesting for souvenirs is Central Market where, between a lace and an embroidery, you can taste and buy Hungarian specialities: paprika, palinka (flavoured grappa, especially apricot) and the famous Hungarian salame.

And what to say about the night tour on the Danube, with lit up buildings, city and bridges?
Too much things to see and not enough time: the weekend should be seven days long!

Only one fault: Indonesian dessert! Perhaps the chef must attend a pastry cook course …
On the other side, food was very good, if you haven’t problem with hot/spicy cuisine!

In spite of we were not able to communicate with all members (for language and for time) it has been an undoubtedly positive experience.

So … see you next year in Italy




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