All of us who love the Thai cats and appreciate our community met in early May, from May 4th to 6th, 2018, for our annual meeting.

Egon and Michaela organized the meeting and lured us to Passau with a very promising program. So we checked in at the Hotel Dormero on Friday and off we went to enjoy a tour of the city. The tour of Sabine Altehagen was very interesting and so the 2.5 hours went by like nothing. Passau presented itself with great weather, happy visitors and with many impressive buildings, churches, beautiful streets and magnificent views. A bit tired and with great appetite we went to dinner in the "Old Bräuhaus". It was very cozy with a choice of many different dishes, quick service and the food was delicious. After this enjoyable meal we left and the almost 2 km back to the hotel were no challenge. With a "nightcap" in the hotel we ended the day.

Saturday we started with a tour of the cathedral. The cathedral with its famous organ and its baroque style was impressive. Afterwards we went on tour through the Glass Museum, with the most comprehensive collection of glass, lamps, glass bowls from different eras and regions. The museum was spread over 3 different houses and several floors with the different glass exhibits very close to each other.

The subsequent organ concert gave us goose bumps and was the culmination of the visit to the cathedral. The sounds of the huge organ still echoed in us as we made our way to the dock for the cruise. 350 guests were aboard the crystal ship, which was richly decorated with Swarowski crystals. Not even the lazy service could spoil the mood. The landscape was beautiful and the weather also contributed to our enjoyment. Our different stimulating conversations let time fly by.

The bus then went up to the Veste Oberhaus. Here was a museum, a viewing platform overlooking Passau and a restaurant with really fast service. So we let ourselves be spoiled. Everyone found time and opportunity to talk to each other. The bus then took us back to the hotel, from where we went on foot to the Italian restaurant for dinner. Again the restaurant was well chosen. We dined royally, each according to his taste and hunger. As always the day ended in the hotel and with lots of impressions we went to sleep.

On Sunday, as it is custom, we had the meeting of the breeders of the International Thai Cats (ITC). We reviewed the highlights of the last year. The focus was on the Annual Meeting of the FIFé in Bratislava, where the Thai was fully recognized. The merit goes to the concentrated and self-sacrificing work of the ITC breeders. The World Exposition in Rijswijk, NL, was another highlight for the breeders of the ITC. 2000 cats at an exhibition from so many different countries - that was also new territory for us and gave us long lasting new experiences. We have welcomed new members and some have left.

We discussed the priorities for the next few years. Emphasis will be placed on the development of an overview of animal health issues. In addition to the veterinary checklists we now also have new genetic diagnostics available to us. A seminar on September 1st, 2018 near Frankfurt / Main will be held with focus on animal health.

Furthermore, we will try to further work on the history of the Thai. We will also develop a point of view on "old type Siam in the Thai" which we can then forward to the Breed Committee during the General Assembly at the FIFé Meeting end of May 2019 in Milan, IT.

For this we ask our old style Siamese lovers to send us photos and the stories of their Old-style Siamese cats.

We are discussing the proposal for the next annual ITC meeting to be held in Italy April 27th to 29th, 2019.

Carola Hopfe, Gera, May 9th, 2018


ITC Meeting 2018 Programm

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