For this year´s ITC meeting of breeders and lovers of the Thaicat we came to Wiesbaden from the 5th to the 7th of May.

The weekend pleged depth talks about our cats, plenty of time for the exchange of information, fine food and interesting possibilities to learn more about the cultural-historical connections of a beautiful city.

After a little welcome drink Friday afternoon in the hotel we took the bus to the city.of Wiesbaden. First we had a little city stroll and then we took the „Nerotrain“ to find crooked corners and enchanted quaters of the town. Amongst others we passed the residency of the prime minister of Hesse. We had a short break at the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Elisabeth on the „Nerohill“. From up there we had a marvellous sight on the town.

In the evening, having empty bellies, we met in the restaurant „Die Hütte“. There we enjoyed tasty dishes and drinks into the night. Back to the hotel by bus we fell into our beds happily and cheerfully but also tiredly after a first exciting day.

Next mornig, after a rich breakfast buffet in the hotel we took the bus to Mainz that spit us out on a idyllic marketplace with vivid market life. Surely by then all of us exstatically felt the spirit of our short trip that the ITC meetings always offer. So we strolled around the market and the Cathedral of Mainz. Aterwards a very good mooded guide met us at the market fountain before the cathedral. There we started our interesting and informative city and church tour. Two big points were the inside of the Cathedral of Mainz an the „Guttenbergmuseum“ where we could see the first printed bound bibles, the treasure of the city. Anyway a very good travel advice!

Hunger led us to a rustic restaurant in a busy side road of the city. There we were served traditional German food.

Then we strolled to the railwaystation where we took a train out of Mainz, along the Rhine which brought us to a ship and we enjoyed the trip by ship to Rüdesheim. It was windy but also sunny and we were able to see lots of castles along the Rhine.

In Rüdesheim we found a courtyard with background music where we got a nice dinner. But only the children of our Italian frieds shook a leg to the life performed German hits.

Sunday morning we met for the official ITC meeting in the so called „Extrablatt“ in Wiesbaden and again connected breeding affairs with a delicious breakfast buffet. A big point of course was the work done for the recognition of the Thai cat within FiFe as well as the forthcoming travel to Bratislava to the recognition show. Particular mention should be made of the fact that our chairwoman Annett Huck retired and that the new Board now is consisting of Michaela Kaiser from Austria, Cathleen Zellmer and Carola Hopfe from Germany. We thank Annett Huck for her manifold and engaged work and wish the new Board the best for the future – because breeding work is never finished and we still have got a lot to do.

Again this meeting with many friends from Austria, Italy , Switzerland and Germany was a successful coming together of catcrazy people fancy of our special Thaicat. Thanks to all participants, to all organisers - until next year in Passau!

Caroline Reinke


International Thai Cats

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