Cat Show in Dortmund (Germay) with Thai Special

Some of our participators:

Escada, Darkwing Duck, Benito, Berenike, Duracell, Yhukon, Yumi, Donatella, Charlize, Zeppelin, Amaratto, Börge, Vilfredo, Petronella, Adelita, Tiramisu, Emmylie, Dinea, Ulumbienca, Ixona, Pappelflaum, Arama Azur, Adrian, Viva Mosquito, Frieda Fröhlich, Quan Yin, Vibi of Catteries Magic Thai Goblin´s, Dello Zaffiro und Heiligensteiner

Results et al :
Best of Breed: Benito
Best of Breed: Petronella
BIS: Youkon
BIS: Dinea


Grand Prix in Moskau (Rußland)

Magic Thai Goblin´s  Benito was Best in Show und Best of Best (Shorthair) on sunday. And the second best cat of the cat show. An incredible success for our breed and for the THAI.


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