In this section we have collected press articles from different countries about the THAI (also called Old Style Siam, Old Siam or Siam Traditional) and the breeders of the ITC.

Thai in press 1989 - 1995

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Thai in press 1996 - 2000

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Thai in press 2001 - 2005

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Thai in press 2006 - 2010

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Thai in press 2011 - 2012

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Thai in press 2013 - 2015

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Thai in press 2016 -

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Russia/ Ukrain

Magazine "Drug Koschek"

Magazine "Koschki info"

Magazine "Moi drug koschka"

Magazine "4 Pfoten"

Magazine "Zooafischa"

Magazine "Moi Zoomir"

Magazine "KOT & PEC"


Germany / Swiss

Magazine"Geliebte Katze"

Magazine "Our Cats"

Zeitschrift "Katzen extra" (eingestellt)

Magazine "Katzenmagazin Schweiz"

Italy / Spain / France

Magazine "4 Zampe"

Magazine “Diritti degli Animali”

Magazine "Gatto Magazine"

Magazine"Cari Cani Amici Mici"

Magazine"Amici di Casa"

ANFI Journal

Magazine “Entre Gatos”

Magazine ”Perros y Compania”

Magazine ”Atout Chat”

Magazine “EuroThai”

Magazine “Special Chats”

Hungary / Poland / Czech Republik

Magazine "A Macska"

Magazine "Nase Kocky"

Magazine “Kocie Sprawy”

Asia / US

Magazine "Cat Magazine"

Magazine“CAT Fancy”

International Thai Cats

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