World Cat Show in Bielefeld

Magic Thai Goblin´s Cleo won  „Best in Show“ and  „Best in Variety“

Prizes also for – MTG’s Raichu, MTG`s Yukina“, sowie Magic Tabby Goblin´s Azurit, MHC´s Cyra and MTG´s Carlos


FIFe Show in Reggio Emilia, Italy

Cats friends meets again.. 

A wonderful weekend together with our German friends! What better then to celebrate Carola’s birthday with a  rewarding Italian dinner!  So on Thursday, October 5, we started our weekend with Carola and Andreas, a couple of days enjoying with Italian dinner, Shopping in Rimini and San Marino! 

On Saturday the 7th we had scheduled to take part to the Reggio Emilia cat exhibition, organized by the Emilia Romagna Clubs of Fife; 

We meet with Carola on the early morning to go to Reggio Emilia ( better to fly to  Reggio Emilia, sure  with Carola at the wheel of  her comfortable car. :-) ) so in a twinkling of an eye we reached the Exhibition Hall, nice! we found a parking reserved for Exhibitors, very comfortable. 

We quickly did  the registration and the veterinary visit, then to  get to our locations and set up the cages. and here unfortunately  we discovered the only problem of the day: the cages were in two different rings.

As always Thai are the last ones that will be judged so we had time for a good Cappucino and Brioches, and why not.. for Shopping…. We could not resist a new scratching post and  some little souvenirs..


At lunchtime reached us Mino and Giovanni; Carola gave us very useful information for the health of our cats, a little later reached us also Antiniska, nice to meet all again!!

Giovanni and Mino unfortunately had to run away because of work, and couldn’t assist to our cats Judgement and to  the exciting "Best in Show" time! Giovanni delighted us with his wonderful pastries!

And finally judgements  time  ! We was there with four of our Cats Carola with Magic Thai Goblin’s Aurora and Magic Hopfe Cat Justus Elena and I with Magic Thai Goblin’s Mephisto and Magic Thai Goblin’s Yasuko ( even If Yasuko could not be judged ad she is waiting for an international Exhibition

The Fife Judges always warm welcome our cats,  that is always nice! Furthermore can we say we was really excited as for the first time after the recognition of the Thai in Fife, They could  take part to  the Best in Show…!

Fantastic  all 3 nominated!!!! After the long recognition process finally they could take the stage!!! The first 3 Thai on the stage in Italy !!

On Saturday our Magic Thai Mephisto gained the  Best in show adult neuter male .. a very great success for an 10 years old cat! Unfortunately for the absolute  best in Show Neuter a little female sphinx gained the title against our Mephisto.

Indifferent to the applause of the audience and to the voice of the announcer, he continued to rub his muzzle over the cup! Sure he wondered if rubbing the magic lamp would appear  a good snack.. Mephisto please be serious and not always our spiteful goblin !!

in the evening back at home  a little bit tired but happy about the beautiful day together!

On Sunday  Carola went alone with Andreas to Reggio Emilia.  In the afternoon Antiniska reached them !

What a great success Oh yeah !!  Saturday's achievements were only foretaste of Sunday's great success!

Both Cats nominated and Magic Hopfe Cats Justus gained the Absolute Best In show adult! literally   knocking down from the stage: sphinx and Siam males, and won against the Best in Show adult female = BOB 5!!!

See You soon Carola and Andreas we wait for another Weekend together!!



FIFé-Worldshow in Rijswijk, NL

Magic Hopfe Cat’s Romeo = Best in Variety + nom. for  Best in show

nom. for  Best in show: Magic Hopfe Cat’s Justus, MTG’s Zsazsa, MTG’s Ernesto, Magic Hopfe Cat’s Quori


Video for Best in Show - Nomination class 4 with Magic Hopfe Cat´s Romeo  -> Youtoube :  HERE

FIFé Cat Show in Zagreb (Croatia)

Mysticthai Bangkok – NOMINATION Best in Show,  BEST ASSOLUTO 4 Categoria , BEST Of BEST 1

Mysticthai Buddha - Best in Show


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