Here we like to present the best animals from our ITC members, all the cats have the title "World Champion" or "World Premior".

You will find here thaicats from Germany, Italy, Russia, Hungary and Austria from different catteries. Of course, the number does not remain constant, because every Cattery has promising offspring so we extend the overview steadily.

Our STARS - Part 1 (born till 2001)

For example – it looks like this: the most desirable certificate in cat circles.

Today we are going to start a new series: in irregular intervals we will present the very best cats of our ITC members, those who have the title „World Champion“.
We start with our seniors, the animals born between 1994 and 2001. Of course they are no longer in the breed – they enjoy a beautiful evening of life with their enthusiastic owners. According to statistics Thai cats can reach an average age of 17.3 years!
At the beginning of our series, you’ll often read the name “Thai Magic Goblin’s”. This cattery was the nucleus of the ITC, and it is not surprising that there are many animals from this breed particularly among the older World Champions. Meanwhile, other catteries have joined the ITC, and of course they also have cats with the attractive title.
And how can a cat become a World Champion? First of all: The title “World Champoion” is awarded according to the WCF guidelines. The velvet paws and their breeders have to go a long way whose steps will be discussed in detail in the next photo gallery.

And now: The stage is set for the World Champions of the ITC!

Our STARS - Part 2 (born in the years 2002 to 2005)

In our new photo gallery we continue to present the very best cats of our ITC members – those who have the title „World Champion“.

The cats we are going to present today were born between 2002 and 2005 – „middle ages“ so to speak. The proportion of representatives of other catteries than MTG has become much larger: we see several Italians, Russians and Austrians among them.

And now – how can a cat become a „World Champion“?

As already mentioned in “Our Stars – Part 1”, the title “World Champion” is awarded according to the WCF guidelines. The following is stated therein:

Titel World Champion/Premior:
3 CACM / CAPM (98 points) are needed for World Champion / World Premier. All three certificates must be won in three different countries / regions, one of them in a country in another continent.
CAC / CAP can be achieved at national shows, all the other titles must be won at international exhibitions.

For anyone interested here is the link to the guidelines of the World Cat Federation:

To meet these high requirements, velvet paw and breeder have to be successful at least at 18 exhibitions, not only at home but also abroad.
And for the most valuable award in cat circles, it has to be a World Exhibition! They take place in Europe 6-8 times a year in different countries – perhaps you remember our reports about our members travelling to such exhibitions.
It’s a long, complicated route, indeed, but other than champions in sports cat does not need to defend the title – she would keep it for life!

And here they come, our “middle aged” group of World Champions:


Our STARS - Part 3 (born from 2006-2010)

With this gallery we close the series of our most beautiful cats – those who bear the title of “World Champion”. Of course, it goes on and on – while we complete our series, there are already promising young cats…
On many cat shows, you can get an idea about it. For better understanding, we would like to inform you today about this particular type of event.
For exhibitors, the show starts early – at the entrance all cats are received by a veterinarian. He checks the vaccination status and the general condition of the cat, because only healthy cats may be exhibited. Pregnant and cats in heat are not allowed. Cat shows are always monitored by the responsible veterinary authority.

Then of course, the cages are prepared – there are no limits to the outfit! Everyone wants to present his cats as attractive as possible. Essential are water bowl and litter box!
Later (usually at 9 o`clock), the event is opened to the public. At the same time, the judges start to evaluate the cats. Each cat must have at least once been seen by a judge who is trained for the corresponding race in order to get the vote. Each judge may nominate a cat in each category for the Best in Show . Judging of the cats is finished at about 2 or 3 p.m. Then the results are evaluated, and the stage show is being prepared. In the stage show the best cats of race and color will be awarded (Best in Variety), and the winners of the day in the respective categories are determined.
Usually the breeds are divided into three categories: Shorthair, SLH cats and long-haired cats. With enough oriental cats sometimes the class 4 is opened (SIA - OKH).

If there are many cats of the same race or racial group, the categories can be subdivided. E.g. it is possible to divide the shorthair cats into British shorthair and other short hair. Often the so-called Forest Cat breeds are separately judged in a separate category apart from the other SLH cats.
Each winner in a class will be awarded Best in Show. From this group of winners the Bests of Best are determinded, and finally the Best of All is determined – the absolute winner of the day.

Often there are Special Shows, for example, for a particular breed or a specific color.
Sometimes in addition the participation in the so-called “*Ring Judging*” is offered. Here, the cats are not presented one-by-one, but in a group to an all-breed judge.

Even in the ring the cats are divided into three categories: Potent adult cats, Neutered cats and young cats.

Contrary to the “normal” judging, the judge in the ring will give explainations about the cats to the public. This is not only interesting for breeders – also cat fanciers can learn a lot.

Finally an important advice:
Even if the temptation in the face of so many cuddly tiger is very great – do never touch the cats or grasp in the cage. It is for the protection of the cats!
Ask the breeder – maybe he makes an exception for you!

Here are our World Champions, born in the years 2006 to 2010:


Our STARS - Part 4 (Born since 2011)

Of course, we do not remain idle and rest on the success laurels. Finally, the current World Champions and Worldpremiors who were born from 2011 onwards. They form the basis of the current breeding work.


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